The literal meaning of the word ‘Lead’ is ‘be a route or means of access to a particular place or in a particular direction’.

There is a large gap in the Indian business sector. We are talking about the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) segment, that comprises of 36 million units, provides employment to over 80 million individuals and contributes about 45% to the total manufacturing output and 40% to the exports from the country. We are talking about a segment that wants to grow, but is surrounded by challenges; a segment that needs professional help, just like the large corporates do.

LEAD is the outcome of culmination of the vision of professionals; to help micro, small and medium scale enterprises establish their foundations for growth. While large corporates have access to world-class professional services, smaller businesses need help as well, in order to take their enterprise to the next level. At LEAD, we provide Advisory and Training services to business owners, to help them ‘compose’ their business, enabling them achieve balanced business and personal life. We help business owners with strategies and tools to achieve multiple growth and negate risks, through appropriate structures and processes. Unlike most consulting firms, we provide training and education to business owners and their teams, along with advisory services.

Quite literally, we intend to be a route, or means of access, to guide MSMEs in their pursuit for business growth.

Our Purpose

Help micro, small and medium scale businesses achieve fast and healthy growth, with leading business practices, and the entrepreneurs to achieve balanced business and personal life!

Our Commitment

We commit to solve your problems with our innovative solutions, being your extended team to help you implement the solutions and train people!

Our Management Team

With over 40 years of professional experience, having served a number of large corporates, our team is geared to provide innovative solutions to help you take your business to the next level. Be it strategy or operations, process, risk or transactions, our solutions are designed based on live experiences, having solved some of the challenges faced by the large corporates.

Dheeraj Mirpuri

Co-founder and Managing Partner

A Chartered Accountant, by profession, with over 14 years of post qualification experience in the areas of Business Consulting, Risk Consulting, Telecom Revenue Assurance, Audit and Finance.

Over 9 years of association with ‘Big 4’ consulting Firms. Wide array of experience in the Business Process, Risk and Transaction Advisory domains, having successfully delivered assignments across India, South Asia and Africa.

A go-getter and a motivator, having successfully led multiple engagements and large teams across continents. Key solutions (delivered simultaneously) include process modeling, risk assessments, internal control assessments, compliance to Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX), customer life cycle assessments and internal audit.

Participated and led a number of global initiatives, including Benchmark Reports, Points of View and Global Solutions.

Extensive experience in conceptualizing and delivering solutions for a large number of marque corporates across Manufacturing, Information Technology (semi-conductor), Aviation and Telecommunications sectors.

Committed to help business owners with strategies and tools to achieve multiple growth and negate risks, through implementation of structures and processes. The idea is to help enterprises develop effective operating and governing structures for fast and healthy growth, through skill sets developed over the years, having been associated with large size entities.

Nishant Maroo

Co-founder and Partner

A serial Entrepreneur leading various businesses in Education, Training and Business Advisory domains.

Over 10 years of experience in the International Education Industry, as Marketing Director, Business Analyst, Student Recruitment and Migration Advisor.

Helped several reputable institutes establish their agent networks across the globe, whilst helping thousands of International students to study and migrate to Australia and New Zealand.

Having completed Masters in Information Systems and Masters in Professional Accounting, continuously demonstrated exceptional analytical capabilities, with a focus of surpassing set targets and over delivering every time. Developed new Marketing strategies and delivered innovative business solutions and ideas for overall organizational growth.

Keen interest in quality education and innovative in the dynamic training industry, maximizing opportunities to help individuals excel in life and achieve their dreams. The purpose is to help and touch the lives of people who cross their path through Aston College (own business).

Deep knowledge and expertise in Strategic Planning, Business growth, Information Systems and Digital Marketing, with a commitment to help small and medium scale business owners in their journey as entrepreneurs.

Belief in collaborating with like-minded professionals to help each other, in order to achieve personal development and growth in business. Sharing knowledge and ideas is key to success.

Our Values

Integrity: Honesty, while dealing with self, team or clients

Ethical: Virtuous and honorable in all the affairs

Inspire: Lead by example, motivate and encourage

Open communication: Fairness and transparency in internal and external communication

Quality: Aspire for each deliverable to be a masterpiece

Teamwork: Collaboration, rather than competition

Proactive: Identify potential problems and innovative solutions, rather than react to situations

Empathy: Feel the pain and prioritize solutions

Client Focus: Recommend cost effective and innovative solutions to solve client’s problems

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