Sales & Marketing Advisory

Often, the terms ‘sales’ and ‘marketing’ are taken to be the same, though being two different business functions. ‘Marketing’ is about generating leads and capturing contact details of potential customers. It also involves management of customer relationships. A ‘sale’, on the other hand, entails converting the leads into revenue. While these concepts have been in existence since ages, the tools to mine the benefits have evolved over time. Ideally, the marketing activities of an organization should be automated, so that the Sales team is focused towards conversion of leads.

Social Media


Digital marketing and social media have emerged as the best and economical marketing options for most organizations. Today, social media dominates the marketing plan, instead of the traditional and expensive marketing options such as media, radio or television. Marketing activities also include contacting and nurturing potential clients, by educating them about your products or services.

We advice businesses, with respect to developing and implementing marketing plans, with effective use of digital media. Our solution includes:

  • Content creation, for effective use on different social media platforms;
  • Development and use of eBooks;
  • Planning and implementation of advertisements and campaigns for social media;
  • Setting up automated email marketing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools;
  • Use of landing web pages, to capture contact details of leads.


What are you selling? A solution? A solution is worth nothing unless it solves a problem. The service of a doctor is valuable only when there is a medical problem. One has no value of a Cardiologist, unless faced with a problem of the heart.

We help your Sales team to develop a robust Sales Matrix. Understanding the sales matrix and putting it to effective use will help your business convert leads into revenue. There may be ways to up-sell your products and services to existing clients, to enhance your revenue further. Additionally, CRM system is a useful tool to manage relationships with existing clients.


Business Development & Joint Ventures

Conventionally, a business runs in isolation, without having any tie-up or joint venture with other businesses that may be mutually beneficial to both the organizations. This is true for most of the micro, small and medium scale ventures. Have you noticed when at the movies, you might get a discounted coupon to have a meal at McDonalds and at McDonalds, you might get a free ice cream or soft drink voucher to be used at the movies?
We analyze your customer base and help identify businesses that you may establish a joint venture relationship with, resulting in benefits to both the businesses. It is the most cost effective way of expanding your potential customer leads, by sharing the customer base. It is important to note that while making such proposals for joint ventures, there has to be quantifiable benefits to both parties. The idea is to find a business whose customers have similar attributes as your own customers; however, they may be in a totally different product or services strata.