Organization Structure Assessment

Are you sure you are running your venture with the right ‘people structure’? Have you contemplated segregation of duties, process priorities and other risk considerations while structuring your various Functions? Are your people crystal clear about your expectations from them, in terms of job responsibilities?

A suitable and effective organization structure is important for the upkeep of any business. Small and medium scale businesses, generally, lack appropriate organization structures, costing them time, effort and increasing frustration. The same is true with the teams in such organizations, with unclear expectations, resulting in ineffective service delivery and faster burnout. Business owners or top management are required to be creative and work above the line tasks. An effective organization structure would enable the owners work ‘on the business’, rather ‘in the business’.

Through Organization Structure Assessment, we evaluate the existing team allocation, in light of the nature and quantum of transactions, segregation of duties necessities and risk considerations and advise on restructuring, for effective operations. We also help chart out detailed job responsibilities for the numerous positions in the organization structure, to help the teams understand clearly the expectations from their positions in the organization.

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People Development

Human Resource is amongst the neglected areas for most businesses. Who are you hiring? ‘Staff’ or ‘Talent’? If you are on the look out for talent, the person would be aligned to the ‘Purpose’ of your business and would be self-motivated to perform his or her tasks at the highest level of efficiency. Hiring the right person, who shares the same values as of the organization and is the right fit in the culture, is the most important asset for any business.

As part of ‘People Development’, we advice on the following areas:


  • Hiring process – Develop a list of questions that will ensure you are hiring the right talent for your organization;
  • Training in soft skills for your new and existing talents;
  • Help you build the right culture and retain talent;
  • Leadership trainings at every level of the organization.